A reunion of laughs and ‘American Pie’

Film Poster

By Aaron Stroude

I still remember being about eight or nine years old at a buddy’s birthday party. We waited for hours until his parents went to sleep so we could pop in a VHS copy of “American Pie,” and ever since, I have loved the theatrical “American Pie” releases.

As I got older, I watched them more and more and drew parallels to my own life and experiences through high school. While my life wasn’t nearly as crazy, I experienced a lot of the same things Jim, Finch, Oz and Kevin went through. And yes, we even had our own Stifler.

I had read that a fourth theatrical release was in the works a couple of years ago and have been excited since then. So when “American Reunion” was finally released on April 6, naturally, I was at the movies.

Right away, I was in stitches. With the same crude, dirty humor that made us all love “American Pie” in the first place, I was ready for the two-hour film.

The concept, as suggested in the title, is the original cast is coming home for their class reunion 10 years after graduation. And as always, insanity ensues and everything that can go wrong, does.

Now, how was it? Well, to be completely honest, of the now four films in the main franchise, “Reunion” has the weakest plot, but that in no way means I am bashing the film. It just seemed like the movie focused a lot more on laughs than it did anything else, and for once, I think I am OK with that. I never looked too deeply into the “American Pie” films. I just watched so I could laugh and have a great time, and for me, Reunion accomplished and surpassed it.

So if you’re looking for a little bit of nostalgia and want to have a great time with a lot of laughs, grab a group of friends and go check out “American Re­union!” I just hope my class reunion is half as entertaining as this one!


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