Blue Crew makes way for Thunder Nation, the new student section

By Calyn Rowley

Goodbye Blue Crew, hello Thunder Nation! The Blue Crew is no longer intact at Trine University. It has been replaced by the new and revamped Thunder Nation. Thunder Nation will act as the new student spirit section in support of all Thunder activities.

When you first came to Trine did you hear about this Blue Crew and then never do anything except buy a T-shirt? Well, those days are gone forever. Students are working with student services and Randy White, vice president of student services, to get Thunder Nation up and rolling with the 2012 fall semester quickly approaching.

Thunder Nation president Bryan Craig encourages Trine students to attend the Thunder Nation meetings on Tuesdasy at 5:30 p.m.

“We would like input from every group on campus, help us make Thunder Nation as successful as it can be. Check your email for changes in the coming up year,” Craig said.

Bryan explained Thunder Nations goal, “We are simply trying to rally students on campus to support our Thunder athletics, get participation up, and make our events something you look forward to attending.”

Look out for Twitter and Facebook coming soon for Thunder Nation to keep you updated on sporting events and activities on campus.

For more information about Thunder Nation.  contact Craig, vice president Will Chrystal, secretary Paxton Flemming, design coordinators Cody Nash-Kniffen and John McLaughlin, activity coordinators Sean Collins and Mason Zimmer, publications chair Amy Williams, financial chair Sam Wilson or student membership coordinator Ryan Kikkert.


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