Colby Parks rocks Trine

Sophomore communication major Colby Parks has his own radio show on the campus radio station, WEAX 88.3. His show, “Classic Rock with the Doc,” airs on Mon­days and Thursdays from 8-10 p.m. and features classic rock music. During his show, Colby gives a “Bio of the Band,” in which he tells a little about three bands before play­ing one of their songs.

“Classic Rock with the Doc” gives anyone the opportunity to be a guest live on the radio. The show gives students the chance to hear a fellow student, some­one they know and can relate to, broadcasting live on the air.

While walking through the University Center, students can look into the WEAX studio and see Parks working. It reminds students that the station is local and gives their friends a chance to broadcast on campus and to the surrounding area.

“More than half of the people that listen to my show listen because they want to hear someone that they know on the radio,” Parks said.

The radio show was Park’s idea when he did his First Year Practicum for his communica­tion degree requirement at WEAX. He enjoyed being on the radio so much that after the semester was done, he asked the station manager if he could have his own show. After complet­ing all the requirements, Parks was on the air, broadcasting for all his friends, professors, and classmates.

“I love doing this,” Parks said. “Nothing gives me the rush and excitement that being on the radio does.”

Colby loves listening to the radio. He has always been in­terested in radio and how radio works. With a radio in almost every room in his house, Colby stays passionate about broad­casting. Colby’s future plans include becoming a disc jockey after he graduates and eventu­ally owning his own station.

When asked what he liked most about his radio show, Parks replied, “The best part is to my show because they want to. In a way, I feel like a celebrity.”

If anyone is interested in being on “Classic Rock with the Doc,” e-mail Parks at, or text or call him at (517) 983- 1466.

Listen to WEAX live online at Also, be sure to like WEAX 88.3 The Revolution on Face­book and follow it @weaxradio on Twitter.


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