Hypnopalooza intrigues Trine students

By Jessica Roberts

Rich Aimes hypnotizes students April 13 in Fabiani Theatre. Photo by Meagan Broucek

Board-certified hypnotist Rich Aimes entertained students in Fabiani

Theatre on April 13. For an entire hour, the audience watched and laughed as  fellow students went on stage and were hypnotized.

Rich Aimes is certified by the National Board of Hypnotist and Education Certification and trained in Las Vegas and Florida with professionals. His on-stage assistant and wife, Marielle, is also board-certified in hypnosis. They have performed at many colleges and universities.

Rich Aimes opened his high-energy, comedic, hypnosis show with a description of what hypnosis means to him.

“Hypnosis is not mind control,” he told the audience. “Hypnosis is relaxation followed by suggestion.”

He then asked for volunteers who wanted to by hypnotized, and 14

students ran to the stage and took seats in the line of chairs in front of the spectators in theatre. Before Aimes began his hypnosis, he asked the audience to be as quiet as possible while he put them under. Counting down slowly from one to ten, Rich told the volunteers to relax and breathe. Soothing music filled the

background, and the students on stage seemed to loosen up and relax.

As the students began to drift off, Rich told them that they will be able to do better in classes, and that they will succeed at Trine as long as they take action. He then continued to put them to sleep, and the audience watched as their friends went under hypnosis live on

stage. After checking to see which volunteers were correctly hypnotized, Aimes pulled two people off stage who were not under all the way. The twelve remaining volunteers on stage were about to entertain the audience for an hour.

First, Aimes told the students that it was cold, that the wind was blowing, and that they were freezing. The audience watched as the people on stage began to shiver and shake and rub themselves to stay warm. Rich told them that the temperature was returning to normal, and they stopped shivering.He then told them they were all driving racecars, and they were about to start a race. He told them to get ready and grip the wheel. As they got ready to race, he told them to rev their engines, and amazingly, the students put their feet on a “gas pedal” and acted like they were driving a car. After they drove for a bit, he told them they crashed, and several students jumped and seemed scared.

Then, Aimes told the students they were in a dance contest. They had to dance The Twist to win. The music began, and they danced as if they were really going to win a contest. The audience burst out laughing, but the funniest part of the show was yet to come. Aimes told the volunteers they were in their underwear, and many students tried to hide behind chairs to avoid the audience seeing them. Some even tried to use other students as a barrier to keep from being seen. Aimes told the boys to get up and dance ballet in their underwear, and at that point, the audience erupted with laughter, and it did not stop for the rest of the show.

After telling the students they had clothes back on, he told them the audience was no longer wearing clothes, and they were to point at the person wearing the funniest underwear. As the students on stage looked out, they smiled and exploded with laughter. As they began pointing at audience members wearing funny underwear, the laughing increased.

Once the laughing died down, Aimes began his final portion of the show. He told several students on stage that they were celebrities, and they were going to perform for the audience. He told eight students they were celebrities, including Beyonce, Jay Z, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, and Elvis.

Marielle Aimes played music for each student, and as each student’s song came on, he/she jumped up and began performing for the audience. The volunteers truly believed they were celebrities, and they took on the characters of the star they were told to be. The audience loved the performances, and applauded and laughed like crazy.

As the show came to an end, Rich Aimes brought the 12 students out of hypnosis. The audience cheered to thank the Aimeses for entertaining them. Hypnopalooza was very fun and exciting, and Trine enjoyed the show. For more information about Hypnopalooza, visit RichAimes.com.

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