Veronica Livingstone Crowned Miss Trine 2012

By Calyn Rowley

We have a new Miss Trine University! Veronica Livingstone has been crowned 2012’s Miss Trine at this year’s pageant sponsored and put on by Cirlce K. Elizabeth “Bizz”  Fisher was first runner-up and Maralyce Fukuda was second runner-up. Congratulations to these three beautiful ladies!

The pageant consisted of outfit of choice, business attire, and formal wear. Dr. Kazi, Dr. Tyler and Professor Erica Hutton were the three judges of the evening and Bryan Craig was included as the emcee.

When Veronica was asked why she signed up for the pageant she replied “I signed up because two of my friends handed me an application and convinced me that I should do it. It was for a good cause and turned out to be a lot of fun so I am quite happy that I did it!” She was also asked how she prepared for the night, “I prepared by picking out my favorite business outfit, my prom dress from high school, and my outfit of choice. Then curled my hair did my makeup and went for it.”

“I had a slight wave of nerves before the pageant started, but I was fine once I got up there, I do not mind speaking in front of others” Veronica said when asked about how nervous she was. “I am beyond excited to be the new Miss Trine. I went in not expecting to win, so it was quite flattering and a major honor.”

Miss Trine University added, “The pageant was a great time and thank you to everyone who came out and supported our cause!”

Look out for the third annual Miss Trine University pageant during the 2012-2013 school year. You could be the next Miss Trine University! 🙂


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