Students combat sexual violence at Take Back the Night

By Calyn Rowley

Students, faculty, staff, and community members came together in support of Take Back The Night on April 4 on the north lawn of Best Hall on Trine’s campus.

Steuben County Sherriff Tim Troyer and deputy chief Dottie Davis spoke and addressed issues of sexual assault, domestic violence, and safety strategies for women and children.

A march to Monument Circle in Angola was interesting and eventful as males wore women’s high-heeled shoes to demonstrate the theme “Walk A Mile In Her Shoes.” There were chants and signs as Trine Uni­versity and friends invaded the streets of Angola to demonstrate its unity in confront­ing sexual and domestic violence.

“2,4,6,8, no more date rape,” some chanted as they marched to Monument Circle.

A candle lighting ceremony after the march showed Trine’s respect for victims of abuse and assault and commitment to keeping the community safe.

Take Back The Night’s first event is documented in Philadelphia in October of 1975. Citizens came together in support of Susan Alexander Speeth, a young microbi­ologist that was murdered by a stranger who stabbed her, a block away from her home while walking alone from work.

People all around the world are breaking the silence and speaking out against vio­lence everywhere. From New York to India, women are “taking back the night.” Every day there are new cases and deaths in result of rape and domestic violence. Marchers encouraged people to speak out against it to improve safety everywhere.

For more information, visit take­ There is a “shatter the silence” section for those who are victims or have experiences with violence, if you have a story share it, if not, read to become inspired and join the Take Back The Night community.


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