Taking advantage of Trine’s internship opportunities

By Jillian Craig

The benchmark of any college or university lies in the success of its graduates.  By providing internship employment information and promoting opportunities for a variety of majors, Trine University is doing its part to boost the odds of their success.

Career Services, located on campus in Shambaugh Hall, is dedicated to assisting students with discovering meaningful work experiences related to their field of study.  If there is one thing you took away from your University Experience class freshman year, I hope it was the importance of having resources and the value in knowing how to use them.  Knowing where to turn when you need something is the way to obtaining the knowledge first hand.

John McLaughlin, junior Marketing major, utilized the university’s resources and is hopeful to build a ‘career network’ through his upcoming internship opportunity in August 2012.

With the completion of several semesters of foreign language classes in Chinese, McLaughlin had the beginnings of an idea developed for an internship experience but was desperate for guidance and support.  Linda Bateman, Director of Career Services and Internship Coordinator, was able to point McLaughlin in the direction necessary for his dream of interning in China to become a reality.

For four months of the Fall 2012 semester, home will be China’s second largest city and the country’s political, cultural and educational center, Beijing, for McLaughlin.  His internship experience will be spent with Dr. Zhag and Gateway Education, a marketing firm whose focus is to market and promote schools in the United States to students in China.  “More so, I’ll be recruiting for them [Gateway Education] oversees,” McLaughlin explained.

While in China, McLaughlin hopes to gain hands-on experience, possible networking contacts, and exposure to the field of Marketing.  He also anticipates the opportunity to travel and learn about the unique Chinese culture.  “I want to become fluent … I already know a good amount but I want to really experience everything – Hong Kong, Shanghai —  all of it.”

The value of an internship in any field involves learning the beneficial skills it takes to be successful on the job.  Internships help assess different work environments and allow you to enhance your understanding of your studies as well as make important professional connections.

Internships provide a link between academic learning and professional employment.  And Trine University is ready and willing to help you discover the possibilities.  For more information on internship and opportunities visit Career Services or contact Linda Bateman at batemanl@trine.edu.  New positions and other internship resources are available at TrineCareers.org.


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