Defeat the Freshman 15

By: Jessica Roberts

School has just begun, and freshmen may be worrying that they will put on a few pounds as the year goes on: that dreaded “Freshman 15.” Everyone has heard of it, but it can be avoided. Not only can simple tips help freshmen, but also upperclassmen. There are several ways to get and stay in shape for the rest of the school year.

The staff at Trine wants students to be healthy. The Emotional Mental Physical Wellness Program, or EMP Program, has many upcoming events to keep students in shape. On Wednesday, September 5, there will be a “How to Avoid the Freshman 15” seminar in Fabiani Theatre at 7 p.m. Throughout the semester, the EMP Program will be holding many more events such as Zumba, Yoga/Pilates, a health fair, and healthy eating seminars. For more information about EMP, click here to visit Trine’s Student Wellness page.

Sometimes students would rather not exercise around other students. This is not a problem since there are so many health and fitness resources online. has lots of exercise videos students can watch for free. There are videos available from Gaiam Fitness, Exercise TV, and The FIRM. Although there are some commercials during the videos, Hulu is a great way to view free videos to help students get in shape.

Another great website with tons of free workout videos is This site mainly caters to Pilates, but there are also videos on cardio, interval training, and other training. There are so many Pilates videos on the site, from which users can select a specific muscle group to target for their workouts. The website also offers meal plans and other fitness tips.

For those students who need to focus more on eating healthier, provides a convenient way to track calories throughout the day. It lets users set a goal, and sets calorie limits based on the weight loss goal given. It is free, and all users do is type in foods they eat, and the website does all of the calculations.

There are so many easy ways to get and stay in shape this year. Students will not need to worry about gaining the “Freshman 15” if they try these tips. There is no reason not to become a healthier you!


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