EMP Exercise Extravaganza

By: Jessica Roberts

Beginning Wednesday, September 12, new EMP events will take course at Trine. Students will be able to attend Zumba, Yoga, and Pilates for almost two months.

Zumba starts on September 12 and will be held every Monday and Wednesday until October 24. Classes will be at 7:30 pm in Ketner Sports Center. Yoga and Pilates will begin on September 18 and will be held every Tuesday until October 30. The location is still undecided, but will also be at 7:30.

Each class will be worth two EMP Points, so if students attend many classes, they will be able to earn their points in a fun way. For more information about the EMP Certification program, visit the Student Wellness page on Trine’s website, or click here.

Zumba is a fun, energetic, exciting way to exercise. This dance-fitness program is perfect for students who want to get together with friends to get a workout. Some benefits of Zumba include burning lots of calories, muscle toning, relieving stress, and getting a good cardio workout. To learn more about Zumba, go to Zumba.com.

Yoga and Pilates exercises are good ways to relax, increase flexibility, and build long and lean muscles. Some benefits of doing yoga and Pilates together include gaining strength, controlling breathing, relieving stress, and improving balance and posture.

These EMP classes are sure to help students stay fit and active. They can be sure to make friends, have fun, and get a good workout, so they should take advantage of this opportunity!


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