Trine Welcomes ‘To Write Love On Her Arms’

By: Jessica Roberts

To Write Love On Her Arms will visit Trine on September 11 at 7 p.m. in Fabiani Theatre. It is free to all students, faculty, and staff. To Write Love On Her Arms, or TWLOHA, is a non-profit organization aimed at helping those who struggle with depression, suicide, self-injury, and addiction. It raises awareness about these issues to inform and encourage rehabilitation.

“To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide.  TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery.” – TWLOHA’s Mission Statement

Founder, Jamie Tworkowski created TWLOHA in 2006 after he met Renee, a cocaine user. He wanted to help her, but she was denied treatment in the rehabilitation facility because she was too much of a risk. Tworkowski had the idea to make and sell t-shirts to raise money to pay for her recovery.

Students may have seen people on campus with the word love written on their wrists or forearms. This is one way the organization tries to raise awareness and get people involved in helping. Another way is bringing speakers to schools, and Trine is next on the list for this event, thanks to Meagan and Allison Broucek and Student Life.

“I wanted to bring it here because even though it’s a well-known organization, not everyone knows about it. It’s a good way to let people know they’re here for a reason and have a purpose,” said Meagan.

In Spring 2012, Meagan and Allison approached Student Life about the possibility of bringing someone from TWLOHA to Trine to educate students. After hearing about speakers of the organization presenting at other colleges, Meagan and Allison thought it would be beneficial for Trine students too.

“This event is something all students can relate to. It’s a huge opportunity for students to learn more about helping those who are affected,” Allison stated.

Denny Kolsch, a recovered drug addict, will tell his story and speak to students about TWLOHA. The event is sponsored by Student Life, CCH, and Residence Life. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Delta Chi, and Theta Phi Epsilon are helping to promote this event as well.

Promotion for the event will begin Tuesday, September 4, outside the cafeteria at lunch and dinner. Students can snag free promotional items Monday and Tuesday, September 10 and 11. Students will earn 20 EMP Points for attending. Kolsch will be selling TWLOHA t-shirts before the event for $20.

Meagan leaves students with one final piece of advice: “Students should go to see how people can hit rock bottom but find people to help them get through hard times to become a better person.”

For more information about TWLOHA, visit or email Meagan at or Allison at


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