To Write Love on Her Arms is a Success

By: Jessica Roberts

After several months of planning Trine’s hosting of To Write Love on Her Arms, the day finally came. On September 11, Denny Kolsch and Eric James arrived at Trine, and gave a great presentation about suicide awareness.

For six long months, Meagan and Allison Broucek, with the help of Student Services, petitioned and planned for TWLOHA to visit Trine, and the turnout could not have been better. Fabiani Theatre was almost filled as nearly 300 students and faculty filed in to appreciate the event.

When asked how it felt for the day to finally arrive, Allison Broucek answered, “I’m very excited for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!”

Allison, looking stunning in her black and red outfit, introduced Denny and Eric. Denny is a recovered drug addict now working as a Speaking Representative for TWLOHA. Eric is a guitar player for the band The Last Royals. Everyone in the audience was silent, ready for the event to begin.

“I’m so excited! I got to meet him!” Meagan Broucek said about Denny.

To kick off the event, Eric played five songs from his band’s album, and the audience really got into it, having fun singing and clapping along. After giving a great performance, Eric left the stage, and Denny came on, ready to tell his story.

Denny’s story began with him telling the audience about how he began using drugs in early adulthood due to an anxiety disorder, and how he quickly became addicted. He eventually turned to hard drugs, and his friends and family were desperate to help him quit. His mother asked him to go on a Mission Trip to Nicaragua. He agreed, and those eight days changed his life. After going through withdrawal, he successfully quit, and he has been sober for nine years.

For more information about Denny, visit his blog.

After concluding his story, the audience was able to ask Denny questions. Many people were interested, and after the question and answer session was over, students congratulated Meagan and Allison on their hard work.

To Write Love on Her Arms was definitely a success, and hopefully the organization will continue to send representatives to speak with Trine students in the future to educate them about suicide awareness.


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