Big Savings for Students

Save money by buying your books online!

By: Jessica Roberts

Everyone knows college is expensive, and Trine students are on a budget. Between tuition, books, food, and nights out with friends, students might find themselves tight on money. Wondering what to do? Here are several tips to make sure students can keep as much money in their pockets as possible.

To save money on textbooks, students should rent them or buy used books versus buying them new in the bookstore. and are great websites for textbooks. Trine Students Book Swap is a group on Facebook specifically for Trine students to use to trade textbooks. All students have to do is log on to Facebook, join the group, and post on the wall saying which books they need or which books they want to sell.

While online, students can check out some discount retail websites. Of course, there are always and to use to save money. There are also sites like and is an eBay company specializing in discount books, textbooks, music, movies, and games. is a site where users nationwide post a picture and description of an item they no longer want, and other users can offer to trade something in exchange for it.

One fun tip to save money is the “break-a-dollar” rule. This means every time a student buys something and pays cash, he or she breaks a new bill. Then, he or she always takes the coins left from their purchases and saves them in a jar. For example, if one goes to the store and spends $5.15 and gives the cashier $6, he/she saves the remaining $0.85 in a jar. He/she does this for every single cash purchase. Once the coin jar is full, the student can go cash it in at the bank and see how much was saved. It does not seem like much, but those coins add up!

Student discounts are a fantastic way for Trine students to save some money. Below is a list of several places where flashing a student ID can save students big bucks.


  • Chipotle – free drink with purchase
  • Chick-Fil-A – free drink with purchase
  • Arby’s – 10% off
  • Burger King – 10% off
  • McDonald’s – 10% off
  • Subway – 10% off
  • Dairy Queen – 10% off
  • Buffalo Wild Wings – 10% off
  • Domino’s – Special Trine Discount Offers


  • Pier 1 Imports – 15% off
  • Charlotte Russe – 10% off
  • Goodwill – 10% off
  • Banana Republic – 15% off
  • Jo-Ann Fabric – 10% with their student discount program


  • Jecoles Salon (in Angola) – discounts on haircuts, waxings, manicures, and other treatments
  • NCG Auburn Cinemas (Auburn Movie Theater) – $1 off ticket price
  • Club Fitness (in Angola) – save $49 on a 6-month membership or $90 on a year membership

With so many great ways to save money, Trine students can breathe a sigh of relief that they can have some extra spending money this semester.


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