Paranormal Activity 4: Scariest One Yet

By: Jessica Roberts

Paranormal Activity is known for its documentary style and demon spirits scaring audiences, but the fourth movie in the series is even scarier than the other three. The plot starts off slow, introducing the audience to a whole new cast of characters. However, the movie soon starts to take off, sending the audience through plot twists and scenes that get the adrenaline pumping.

This movie still has the same documentary feel, but instead of using a low-quality, hand-held camera, much of the action is captured via laptop video recordings throughout the family’s house. This allows the audience to see much clearer views of the house, the characters, and the demons on screen.

There were great scares throughout the film. However, there were just as many unanswered questions dealing with the plot that will leave viewers thinking and wondering long after the movie is over. To enjoy the movie fully, audience members have to get past the idea of things not making sense and try to focus solely on enjoying the horror in the film. This is difficult, but necessary to get the whole effect.

The most intense part of the movie is during the last 15 minutes. These final moments of the film are terrifying, and will have viewers on the edges of their seats. In the theater, audience members were screaming and covering their eyes.

Allison Broucek, a Paranormal Activity 4 viewer said, “It was decent the whole way through, but the ending really got my heart pumping.”

Be sure to watch after the credits for a scene that most likely is leading up to the fifth movie in the series.

Still not sure if you want to go see it? Check out this trailer!


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