Tips to Stay Fit for Winter Season

By: Jessica Roberts

The sweaters and coats may hide the flab throughout winter, but summer will be here before you know it, and that flab will not be able to hide any more. Stay in shape this winter season, and you will look even better next summer! These tips will help you tone up by doing workouts inside, so you will not have to go out in the cold to exercise.

Lift weights in your room. Go buy a few dumbbells at the store and keep them in your room. Pull up some workout videos from Hulu and follow them a couple times a week. Just two sessions of weight lifting a week can reduce your body fat percentage by three percent in only ten weeks! It can also boost your metabolism by 15 percent!

Avoid eating junk food and fast food. This is a no-brainer, but it is harder to find good fruits and vegetables in the winter season, so fast food or processed food seems like the way to go. However, there are plenty of healthy options that are just as convenient. Try eating frozen grapes, rice cakes, an apple and peanut butter, yogurt, or animal crackers instead.

Eat more soup. Soup fills you up and is perfect to warm you up when it is cold outside. Eat water-based soup, avoiding creamy ones. It is low calorie and satisfying.

Do indoor cardio routines. There are tons of videos online of circuit training and interval training, but there are even more exercises you can do without watching these videos. Jumping jacks, high knees, power lunges, power squats, mountain climbers, dancing, ski jumps, and jumping rope are all good ways to do cardio inside.

Work your abs. To work your core, you never need to go outside. Pilates, yoga, strength training, and cardio will all help to sculpt your abs. Some exercises that do not need much space are reverse crunches, plank, leg lifts, and sit-ups. Click this link to see the top ten ab workouts to try!

Get on Pinterest. When you are sitting all cooped up in the house and feel like surfing the Internet, go online to this site. Pinterest is a great website to use to find workout tips, fitness motivation, exercise examples, and healthy recipes. But beware, this website is super addicting!



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