Disney buys LucasFilm for $4 billion, announces Star Wars: Episode VII

You read that right. Back in 2009, Disney bought out Marvel Comics. Now, they’ve insured their dominance over the entertainment landscape by purchasing LucasFilm, the company behind classic franchises like Indiana Jones and Star Wars, for $4.05 billion on Tuesday.

In the same press release, Disney announced that it has targeted 2015 to release a new entry in the Star Wars saga—currently known as Episode VII. What’s more, they’ve confirmed their intent to produce Episodes VIII and IX, with each entry in the new trilogy to be released within two to three years of each other.

So what does this mean for your favorite LucasFilm productions? Is a new Star Wars trilogy really necessary, or does it run too much of a risk of tarnishing a long-established name? Does Disney have the restraint to leave our beloved franchises in the hands of their creators? Will we see integration of LucasFilm IPs in Disney products (Kingdom Hearts on Hoth, anyone?)? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

Source: Disney


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