Manteresting vs. Pinterest

By: Jessica Roberts

New websites are popping up on the internet that allow users to interact with each other by sharing photos of things they like, ideas for projects, recipes, and funny jokes. and go head-to-head and compete for users. There are pros and cons of both websites. Although they share the same basic concept, they have some differences.

Manteresting, with its steel blue and gray background, allows users to “nail” pictures to their boards. It is geared at looking masculine and showing more manly things than Pinterest. With its tagline, “Interesting. Man. Things.”, the site warns females from the beginning that they may not find what they want. The best thing about Manteresting is that users do not need an invitation to join like they do for Pinterest.

Pinterest has a crisp, has clean white background and wispy, red logo. Requiring users to be invited to the site apparently makes it seem unique and elite, even though it is just a website and anyone can request and invitation. Pinterest has categories more geared toward women, like do-it-yourself crafts and fashion.

After scrolling down the homepage of both websites, users will find Manteresting and Pinterest have very different pictures. Manteresting users post mostly half-naked girls, recipes involving red meat and lots of bacon, fancy cars, and beer. Manteresting also has advertisements hidden throughout the website disguised as images uploaded by users. Pinterest users post lots of cute animals, craft ideas, recipes, fashion pictures, fitness information, and wedding ideas.

Users could spend hours on these websites; they are addicting. Scrolling through pages and pages of interesting and funny content, days could pass, and users would think they had only been scrolling for five minutes. However, it is definitely worth the risk of becoming addicted!


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