What does Obama’s re-election mean for Trine students?

A recent poll showed that almost 60% Trine University students sided with Romney in this election. This is in contrast to the national figure, which showed 60% of college students leaning toward Obama’s re-election.

Now, the lights are out and the party’s over. Obama is back in office, like it or not–come what may, we’re strapped in for the next four years. So what does it mean for us Trine students?

If you liked what he’s done so far, you’ve a bit to hope for. Obama stopped federal loan rates from doubling, increased funding for Pell Grants, and based loan payments on income rather than amount borrowed.

That said, here’s some of what’s to come (maybe): Obama wants to halve the rising year-by-year loan fee increase within ten years. By 2020 wants to give America the highest proportion of university graduates in the world. He hasn’t said how he’ll enact these policies, but one can only hope.

As for those of us in the aft end of our secondary education, America has experienced 32 months of job growth under President Obama.

Time will tell whether or not Obama was a wise choice (again). Students in particular voted for Obama’s social policy stances over Romney’s business experience, and now the country waits with bated breath to see if it’ll pan out in both fields.


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