The Overlooked Holiday

Forgotten somewhere between the candy rush of Halloween and twinkling lights of Christmas, Thanksgiving can be found – a holiday short shifted and much overlooked.

While Thanksgiving may bring to mind turkey dinner gatherings and family, it seems as though it doesn’t receive the recognition it deserves.  Dinners are hurried or strategically scheduled to accommodate ‘kick-off’ times and marathons of holiday shopping.  Lost is the real reason for the first Thanksgiving.

I blame it on commercialization.  If you look hard there is a minuscule section of decorations, cards and items associated with Thanksgiving.  It’s a holiday of no interest to retailers and marketers and sadly so, America as well.

Each year as November 1st approaches candies are pushed away and jingle bells are invited into homes and store windows.  It seems the once special Thursday in November is lost in a whirlwind of transition – with little notice of the holiday centered around giving thanks.

As a nation that at times is not thankful enough, it’s time we give Thanksgiving its dues.  We need to stop.  Pay attention, count our blessings and give thanks.


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