Trine Student-Athlete’s Give Back to Community


Student-athletes from Trine University, Angola High School, future NBA players from the Fort Wayne Mad Ants and exhibitionists from the Angola Martial Arts school came together to give back to their community for the “All Stars” event promoting the Hendry Park Book Fair Tuesday, October 30 at Hendry Park Elementary School.

The event was coordinated by the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) of Hendry Elementary School, inviting all 420 students enrolled at the school in kindergarten through fifth grade and their parents.

“The kids were looking forward to this all day,” fourth grade teacher Tracey Floto, shared.  “It’s great that it is tied in with reading to show school is still important.  Seeing the student-athletes interacting with the kids … it was like it took them back to their years in elementary school.”

Each athlete attended the event in his or her respected uniform.  The athletes signed autographs and shared a short demonstration of an athletic skill they use in their sport.

“It was awesome to see the smiles on the kid’s faces as they were interacting with us,” Trine University softball’s Lauren Harris said.  “We all really enjoyed talking and socializing with the kids.”

Even though it was a simple evening for those in attendance, Trine’s student-athletes continue to make positive statements in the Angola community.

When asked to comment on why he continues to encourage his girls to participate in and promote such important campaigns, Trine University’s head softball coach, Don Danklefsen shared: “I think anytime an athlete at any level can have a positive impact on their community it’s a great thing.  Athletes never understand the impact they can have on a child until they are older and see it from another perspective.”


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