How to Choose the Perfect Holiday Gift


Photo by: Meagan Broucek

By: Jessica Roberts

With the holidays rapidly approaching, you might be worrying how you are going to check off everyone on your gift list. It can be difficult to find something for everyone, especially those people who are very hard to buy for or seem like they already have everything. If you need help picking gifts for the holidays, follow these tips!

Make a list of people you need to buy for. Before you go rushing into stores to find gifts, be sure you know exactly who you are buying for, and have an idea of how much you are looking to spend. This way you do not end up forgetting someone or buying too much for one person.

Listen to what they need or want. Often times, people will mention something they could really use or would like to have. Whether they mean this as a hint for the holidays or just making conversation, it can really help you to get ideas for what to buy them.

Pay attention to what they look at in stores. If you spend time with people on your list, visit a few stores with them to see if they stop to window shop for themselves. Keep in mind what they looked at to see if there is anything they would like to receive.

 Keep a list of ideas. Either on paper or in your phone, keep a list of things you discovered they would like. It might be easier to keep in your phone so you always have it with you and can add to it spur of the moment when you hear someone mention an idea.

Make it unique. No one wants that generic tree ornament that you bought because you had no idea what to buy them. Try to find a gift that matches your recipient’s personality. They will love a gift that you put thought into.

Use This website has tons of gifts to browse through! Even if you do not want to order anything online, it can still give you good ideas to find things in stores. Try the personality quiz to get ideas specifically matched to personalities of people on your list.

Do it yourself. Handmade gifts can seem cheesy, but if you make them right, they can be perfect! They show everyone on your list that you spent lots of time making something original. If you do not have any ideas, try looking under the DIY category on Pinterest.

Look at their hobbies. Gifts related to hobbies of people on your list will always work. They will appreciate accessories that they can use to do something they like.

Shop at local stores. Chain stores are also great for gifts, but chances are, they have already seen everything sold at big stores. If you go to a small, unique store, you can find something truly one-of-a-kind that they had no idea existed.

 Buy accessories for electronics. Pay attention to what electronic devices they have, and get accessories that they can use with them. Try phone cases, ear buds, laptop accessories.

Make food. Who does not like to eat? Make some cookies or candy and put them in a cute little gift basket with some other kitchen items, recipes, or cooking accessories. Wrap it with some cellophane and tie it with a bunch of ribbon, and you have a beautiful and delicious gift!

Gift cards are always the answer. If you absolutely cannot think of anything to get someone on your list, purchase a gift card to their favorite store. This way they can pick out anything they want and cannot complain about your lack of gift-giving skills.

Ask for ideas. When all else fails, ask your recipient for ideas. Most people are used to having to tell people what they want or need for the holidays, so it will not be out of the ordinary. Even though it will not be a surprise to them, at least it is exactly what they wanted.


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