Personalize a Professional Playlist with

By: Jessica Roberts is a free music streaming device that recommends professional playlists based on the day and time a user is on the website. This website is very unique. No account is necessary, and users do not have to download anything. It is completely free, and there are no audio ads.

When users first enter the website, they are given a choice of day and time they are listening (morning, late morning, afternoon, evening, night, and late night). Then, after choosing the day and time, they choose what activity they are currently doing. After choosing both of those categories, users can choose a subcategory for a format of music. Then finally, the top three choices for the user are displayed, showing details of the DJs and artists included in the playlists.

It sounds confusing, but the site walks users through step-by-step, and it is really fun to experiment with different days, times, and activities. For example, if a user chooses late night on a Saturday, they are given activity choices of getting lucky, bedtime, getting high, house party, and sweaty dance party. If a user chooses Wednesday evening, activities are working, unwinding, and eating dinner. If a user picks Monday morning, options are waking up, singing in the shower, reading the paper, and working out.

Some subcategories of formats of music for users to choose are top 40 hits, hip hop, country, smooth, rap, techno, classic rock, jazz, and soul. The playlists are so customizable that any user at any time of the day can find perfect music for their personality and mood.

The site allows users to skip a limited number of songs (about five or six), give thumbs up or thumbs down to songs, search music, browse all songs, look at the most popular, share playlists, and contribute playlists.

Songza is fun to try! It can be used on the iPhone, Kindle, and Android phones as well. It is definitely worth a visit to the site to see how it works.


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