Small Space Shape Up: Legs

By: Jessica Roberts Here are 10 moves that are sure to tone up your legs! They take up little space, so you can do them anywhere: in your dorm room, in the office, or even in your closet. To make these moves more difficult, add resistance using weights or resistance bands if you have them. … Continue reading

Small Space Shape Up: Abs

By: Jessica Roberts It has never been a better time to start a new fitness plan for the year! Even though it is cold outside and the weather is not the greatest, you can still get your workout without leaving the house. There is no need to pay for a gym membership when there are … Continue reading

Can Smartphones Replace Personal Computers In the Future?

         After the first truly handheld phone, the Motorola MicroTAC, was released in 1989, cell phones have evolved drastically. Think about all the uses for your iPhone 5 or other smartphone can do today: GPS, stream video, update social media, check e-mail, read a book, and playing games just to name a … Continue reading

Eat Healthy On the Go

By: Jessica Roberts When in a hurry, people tend to skip meals or reach for unhealthy convenience foods. Fast food, chips, and instant meals are convenient for a quick bite to eat, but these foods have little nutritional value. There are healthy options available, whether you are late for class, running out the door to … Continue reading

Thunder Nation and the Revival of the Student Section as We Know It

No matter where you go to get your education, there is something to be said about what you did and how you got you there. Taking pride in your accomplishments and what you stand for is why people wear a badge of honor when they hear their schools name come up in conversation. The new … Continue reading

Santa Hat Fingernails

By: Jessica Roberts Follow these steps to have cute Santa hat fingernails for the holidays! You will need: Tape White nail polish Red nail polish Sparkly topcoat nail polish Put tape on all of your fingernails, leaving only the tips exposed. Paint the tips on each finger white. Take the tape off, and allow the … Continue reading

Personalize a Professional Playlist with

By: Jessica Roberts is a free music streaming device that recommends professional playlists based on the day and time a user is on the website. This website is very unique. No account is necessary, and users do not have to download anything. It is completely free, and there are no audio ads. When users … Continue reading

How to Choose the Perfect Holiday Gift

By: Jessica Roberts With the holidays rapidly approaching, you might be worrying how you are going to check off everyone on your gift list. It can be difficult to find something for everyone, especially those people who are very hard to buy for or seem like they already have everything. If you need help picking … Continue reading

What does Obama’s re-election mean for Trine students?

A recent poll showed that almost 60% Trine University students sided with Romney in this election. This is in contrast to the national figure, which showed 60% of college students leaning toward Obama’s re-election. Now, the lights are out and the party’s over. Obama is back in office, like it or not–come what may, we’re … Continue reading

How to Eat Healthy During the Holidays

By: Jessica Roberts Thanksgiving is just around the corner, as well as all the winter holidays coming up in the  next month. Tables will be filled with delicious feasts and treats, but devouring all that junk will add unwanted pounds. However, it is possible to eat healthy during the holidays! For starters, know that there … Continue reading