A Trip to the Zoo: My Black Friday Experience

It’s commercialism at its finest. Where it seems anything and everything you could be interested is discounted. An event for people who show no evidence of patience throughout the year gather together to wait in lines outside of stores for hours on end. Yet every year, myself and thousands of others keep coming back, telling … Continue reading

The Overlooked Holiday

Forgotten somewhere between the candy rush of Halloween and twinkling lights of Christmas, Thanksgiving can be found – a holiday short shifted and much overlooked. While Thanksgiving may bring to mind turkey dinner gatherings and family, it seems as though it doesn’t receive the recognition it deserves.  Dinners are hurried or strategically scheduled to accommodate … Continue reading

What does Obama’s re-election mean for Trine students?

A recent poll showed that almost 60% Trine University students sided with Romney in this election. This is in contrast to the national figure, which showed 60% of college students leaning toward Obama’s re-election. Now, the lights are out and the party’s over. Obama is back in office, like it or not–come what may, we’re … Continue reading

Not the Same Taylor Swift We All Know

On Taylor Swift’s new album, she isn’t just calling out bad boyfriends, or pining for the good ones that got away. She is not pointing the finger at herself, admitting that she likes the kinds of guys who jerk her around, or refuse to commit to her. Taylor Swift’s new album called “Red” is not the same … Continue reading

Choosing language wisely

By Jason Dafnis This is not a PSA. It’s not outcry from an equal-anything advocacy group. It’s certainly not part of anyone’s agenda. This is a desperate appeal to common sense. In the past, using the word “gay” as a derogatory term for just about anything was, shall we say, en vogue. Frequenters of the … Continue reading