Small Space Shape Up: Legs

By: Jessica Roberts Here are 10 moves that are sure to tone up your legs! They take up little space, so you can do them anywhere: in your dorm room, in the office, or even in your closet. To make these moves more difficult, add resistance using weights or resistance bands if you have them. … Continue reading

Eat Healthy On the Go

By: Jessica Roberts When in a hurry, people tend to skip meals or reach for unhealthy convenience foods. Fast food, chips, and instant meals are convenient for a quick bite to eat, but these foods have little nutritional value. There are healthy options available, whether you are late for class, running out the door to … Continue reading

Defeat the Freshman 15

By: Jessica Roberts School has just begun, and freshmen may be worrying that they will put on a few pounds as the year goes on: that dreaded “Freshman 15.” Everyone has heard of it, but it can be avoided. Not only can simple tips help freshmen, but also upperclassmen. There are several ways to get … Continue reading