Eat Healthy On the Go

By: Jessica Roberts When in a hurry, people tend to skip meals or reach for unhealthy convenience foods. Fast food, chips, and instant meals are convenient for a quick bite to eat, but these foods have little nutritional value. There are healthy options available, whether you are late for class, running out the door to … Continue reading

How to Eat Healthy During the Holidays

By: Jessica Roberts Thanksgiving is just around the corner, as well as all the winter holidays coming up in the  next month. Tables will be filled with delicious feasts and treats, but devouring all that junk will add unwanted pounds. However, it is possible to eat healthy during the holidays! For starters, know that there … Continue reading

Defeat the Freshman 15

By: Jessica Roberts School has just begun, and freshmen may be worrying that they will put on a few pounds as the year goes on: that dreaded “Freshman 15.” Everyone has heard of it, but it can be avoided. Not only can simple tips help freshmen, but also upperclassmen. There are several ways to get … Continue reading